Welcome to a web page devoted to CIASP - an organization that gave idealistic students of the 1960s a chance to visit and live with families in the mountain ranchos of Mexico. I was fortunate to be part of that group in 1968 and spend time with some incredible people - both our Mexican hosts, as well as the other students from Canada. There are now two (great) web sites dedicated to former CIASPrs. Links to them are show below. From those sites, you can find out more about CIASP. This page will hold some memories from that time and will be updated when I find things to add. (After 38 years, I'm lucky to find anything!!!) Enjoy!

Doug Boufford - La Arena - 1968

     REUNION - 2006    
A reunion of CIASPers (no one is a former CIASPer) was held at the Scarboro Mission on June 24/25, 2006. Old (=long-standing) friends got together (and met new friends). We talked, we laughed, we talked some more, we shared and we celebrated our good fortune to be part of such a special group of people. Another reunion is already being discussed. If you missed this one - keep watching this & the web sites below for further information. Thanks to all who attended - it is YOU who made this such a memorable experience!  

Pictures from 2006 reunion now on my Smugmug Web site (better viewing)  
 [Also contains a copy of the names list from 1968 group]
 NOTE: The page contains two galleries:(1) the 2006 reunion photos, and (2) some photos from the 1968 group that went to La Arena and the listing of the 1968 CIASP group. Click on one of the photos to enter the gallery and then click on the arrow on the right side of the screen above the large photo to start a full-screen slideshow!

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